Ep.1 Find your dropshipping niche

Image comes from Pexel.com 10.11.2020

Hello, I know that most of us experienced the worst year ever since COV started. I hope everything goes well with you. Under this serious situation, many people start to think what’s the best way to make money? How can I earn money through the internet? What’s the new model or trend of doing a business? I believe most of you heard about dropshipping and curious about how to start a dropshipping business without high funds. Under this series of articles, I will explain how to start a dropshipping business.

To do a good dropshipping you need:

  • Find a good product that suits you and has potential
  • Understand the basic knowledge of marketing and promotion
  • A strong desire to succeed

How to find your niche


Use these platforms to search specific products. If the sales over than 1000, then it is might be the potential product. We could make a list of product which over 1000 sales, then we could use Google Trending Tool, find if there is a incresing trending. Value if the incresing trending is potential enough to choose.

Google Trending

Google trending is the most commonly used tool. If you want to know the value of a product is not worth digging, you can use Google Trends to search for specific keywords to see if the product’s trend is an upward trend. The data from 2004 to the present can be viewed. If the product is seasonal, you will see peaks and underestimations appearing almost in the same time period of each year. If the trend of the product is upward, it means that you can add it to your store. If you are looking at the data for the past 12 months, it is possible that the trend line is relatively flat, with no ups and downs. Therefore, it is best to check the data for the past 5 years or from 2004 to get a comprehensive understanding of the trend.


This tool lists trends in different niche markets. You can find segmented niche markets in fashion, jewelry, home furnishing and other fields. There are various articles introducing potential trending products. You can refer to them and cross-compare them in AliExpress or Google Trends.

Instant Product Evaluator Tool

This tool can help you evaluate whether the product you want to sell is a good product. You list the product concept and answer a few questions about the product, which can help you understand whether the product is a suitable product.

The questions that are asked require you to do research to answer. For example, it will ask “What is the potential selling price of your product?”. After answering the question, it will send the answer to you via email. In addition, you can also pay more attention to the product information on the following websites, which may help you find some inspiration. We have mentioned this in other selection articles before. I don’t know if you have any impressions: Kickstarter.com Wish.com Wanelo.com 

For example, Let’s find a sample together.

Such as ” Phone Grip”

Mobile phone accessories have been selling well for many years. By 2022, the market value of mobile phone accessories will reach 107.3 billion US dollars. Time has proved that mobile phone cases, brackets, screen protectors, repair kits, chargers, and headphones have always been best-sellers. Check on Aliexpress it is not hard to find out the sales.

Image comes from Aliexpress, 10.11.2020

Now, let’s check the performance on Google trends.

Image comes from google trends, 10.11.2020

It’s not hard to find from the chart, in this niche market, you can sell a variety of products, and you only need to purchase the products after the customer pays. The demand for mobile phone accessories has always been on the rise, and it is likely to become an enduring niche market like fashion, home improvement and fitness.

The mobile phone case and mobile phone holder already have patterns or shapes. As long as you take beautiful pictures, such as on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, they can produce good visual effects. If you try to advertise on these platforms and stay active, placing orders should not be a problem.

However, such as screen protectors, repair kits, or chargers rely more on search technology, so you need to do some keyword research or use Google Adwords.

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