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1. Default price setting
2. How to set up new rules
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It’s easier to maximize profits with FondMart!

If you tend to spend a lot time manually setting up your price for your online store, try a better alternative on RIGHT NOW! Our price setting function allows you to automatically mark-up all items based on the rules you set and set up margins that make you more money and your customers happier. This page shows you how price setting on works and what you can do to custom a price setting rule for your own need.

Default Price Setting

If you are using shopify or woocommerce to sell, you can connect your store with FondMart to synchronize product information and inventory. When you import products from FondMart, we automatically set your price in your store 3 times of our original price.

For example, if you want to import the following item:

After you successfully imported this item, go to Import list, click on Variant, and you can find the price we automatically set for you. Price($27.09)=Product Cost($9.03)*3. Please refer to the picture below for more details.

Please see the following video for further details:

What is Compare At Price?

Compare at price = Original price = Suggested price for customers

Sales Price  = A price what you are actually selling

Compare At Price is often used to show a sale. It simply means the price it would originally sell for. Setting a sales price is an easy way to discount items without using a discount code.

In order to show a sale, the value in Compare At Price must be higher than the value in Price. For example, if you set compare at price at $40, and price at $30. For your customers, they see that the item is now $10 off (see the following picture).

How Do You Change the Price Setting Rule?

  • From, Go to My Account > Account setting> Global Price Rules
    • On the top – Choose the store that you want the rules apply to
    • Click on Multiplier to change your pricing rule
      • You can also use a fixed markup to set up price
    • Type any number in the box
    • Click on Save

General Price Setting Tutorial:

How To Use Advanced Price Rules?

1. Set up the product price according to the cost range

You can set up different pricing rules for different cost range. For example, you can set up a markup of $20 for cost below $10, but a markup of $30 for those cost above $10.

Using advanced setting, you will be more flexible when setting your price with different categories. You can adopt a more complex plan with rules applied to different cost range.

2. Assign Specific Cents

You can assign specific values in decimal digits for your price.

If you want to use “_.99” for all your products. You can simply apply the numbers you want in the box below “Assign Cents”. Our system will automatically set up your price based on your own settings.

For example,

If the product costs $3 at the supplier’s end, and you have the global pricing rules multiplier set to 3, then the price will be set up to $9 (calculation: $3 x 3 = $9). The product price will be automatically set at $9.99 in your Shopify store due to the assign cents you set up.

Notice: Make sure you save all your changes before adding items to import list so that your new price setting rule will apply to the products you need.

Advanced Price Setting Tutorial:


This page gives information about how you can set up price easily on Our website allows you to custom your own pricing rule in one step. With the settings mentioned above, you can save a lot of time and avoid setting up your product prices manually one by one.

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