Auto-Sync Service: Connecting With FondMart for Dropshipping

In this article, you will find out how to connect your Shopify or Woocommerce account with Details are shown to help you complete your authorization process.

FondMart integrates with shopify and woocommerce, you can set up Auto-Sync services to automate order fulfillment without worrying about packaging, shipping or inventory. When you add products to your shopify or woocommerce store, everything will be synchronized including order, shipping, products and inventory information.

How to add your store on

From, Go to My Account > My Store

  • On the top – Click on Shopify or Woocommerce to start
  • Click on +Add store to connect
  • Type in the correct information in the boxes
    • For Shopify users: use your Shopify ID
    • For Woocommerce users: use your Api key and secret
  • Click on Connect to finish your process

Please refer to the following video for more details:


Why do I fail to authorize?

1. Double check your account information. For Shopify users, remember to use your correct Shopify ID not your store name. For Woocommerce users, please check if you have the complete URL and make sure that your Woocommerce REST API Permission is set up as Read and Write, or else you cannot import any FondMart product to your store.

2. Make sure you did not add your store to any other FondMart account. If you have already add your store to an existing FondMart account, you are unable to connect the same store to another FondMart account.

Can I log in My FondMart account on different devices at the same time?

Yes. You can use the same account at the same time from different locations. Thus, multiple users are allowed to use the same FondMart account on different devices.

Can FondMart automatically synchronize shipping and other information to my store?

Yes, all you need to do is give authorization on our website first. Your customers’ orders are automatically synchronized on FondMart. We will pack and ship your order after your payment. The tracking number on our side will also be synchronized to your Shopify store. We also automatically update our inventory status to your store. You will also get a notification when the inventory status of your product is changed.

Is FondMart free?

Using FondMart to import products, auto-sync order and product information and everything is TOTALLY FREE. We are a free membership platform to buyers who are doing wholesale business or dropshipping all over the world.

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