Import Products from FondMart to Your Store

How to import items to your store and how to do this in bulk.

How to edit product information, download images and etc.

Video tutorial for all details.

Basic Steps of Importing Products

From, find the Item You Want > Click Add to Import List

  • Go to My Account > Import List
  • On the top – Choose the store in the box
  • Check on the items you want to import > Click Import to store 
  • On Left-side Menu
    • Click My products, Choose store on the top, you will find the items you have successfully imported

Tips: if you have multiple stores, you need to choose your store before import any products.

On top of the screen page, find Manage Store, tick the box to choose:

Import products in bulk, using tick box Select All + Add to Import List:

How to Edit Product Information

Go to Import List, you can edit all kinds of product information on our website:

  • Write a new title, add tags / types / collection
    • difference between Tags and Types:
      • Tags are used to label products. After you add tags, you can use them for searching and filtering to help you stay organized. Customers can’t see tags, but your online store search uses tags to organize search results for customers.
      • Types are similar to categories, which are used to categorize products.
  • Edit description
    • add information about material / fabric / pattern and etc.
    • add pictures
  • Edit variant > change SKU / price / compare at price
  • Remove images
    • import list > variant > click on the X cross icon to remove images you don’t want
  • Download images
    • you can download from product page find Download images next to the button Add to import list
    • or go to My product page > More action > Download images

Please see the following video for more details:

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