Payment Guidance on FondMart

How to place and pay for orders?

What payment methods does FondMart accept?

How to use FondMart wallet and enjoy a deposit bonus?

Place Order and Pay

Step 1: Add products to your shopping cart

Step 2: click the icon(on the top right of the screen), Go to shopping cart

Step 3: Tick the items you want and click Place Order on the right

Step 4: Write down some notes on the top if you have any. Complete your shipping information and choose the correct shipping method. Then, check out with PayPal or your FondMart Balance.

Your order details will be saved in your account for further use. You can view your order and finish your payment under the order page in your account. Go to my account > Wholesale orders / Dropshipping orders > Order (click black button on the right to continue to pay).


  • Wholesale orders = when you purchase directly from our website
  • Dropshipping orders = when you connect your stores to our website, you customers purchase from you and the orders in your store will automatically synchronized to your FondMart account

Tip – How to connect your store with FondMart:

Auto-Sync Service: Connecting With FondMart for Dropshipping

Payment Methods

You can pay with:

1. PayPal.

You can check out with PayPal on FondMart. Please note that PayPal will charge you an extra fee involving a base rate of 4.4% of the total amount plus $0.30 flat fee per transaction for each oversea payment.

For example, if your order sums up to $100, you will be charge a transaction fee by PayPal of $4.7 (calculation: $4.7=$100*4.4%+0.30, this fee goes directly to PayPal ). You will have to pay for $104.7 in total.

2. Balance of FondMart Account.

We HIGHLY recommend you to deposit funds into your personal account before making any purchase. It is a safe and convenient way to shop with us. You can add value on our website by yourself through PayPal. You can also contact our sales manager to make a deposit using Payoneer/Alipay/Bank account/Credit Card. Remaining balance of your FondMart account can be withdrawn at any time(no strings attached).

Another great benefit of using FondMart balance to purchase is that you can enjoy ZERO transaction fee using Payoneer balance or Alipay. When using credit card, transaction fee is 3%, which is still lower than PayPal. Please refer to the following chart for more detailed information.

If you are using credit card to add value to your account balance, you need to provide email, account, name, country, province, amount and product to your personal sales manager. We will send payments directly to your bank account via bank transfer using Payoneer.

FondMart Wallet

1. My wallet

Go to My account > My wallet (you can find My wallet on the left-side menu on My account page)

2. Deposit

To top up your wallet balance, you can use PayPal to add value to your account on your own on our website. Please kindly note that PayPal will charge you extra 4.4%+$0.3 transaction fee. If you want to save transaction fee by using other payment method, please contact your personal sales manager to top up your balance to save more:

  • Whatsapp: +1 5714890103
  • Email: info@fondmart
  • Wechat: N287702738

3. Bonus

Using FondMart Wallet, you will get extra bonus when you deposit funds to your account balance.

For example, if you top up $2,000 to FondMart account, you will get a bonus of $10. Thus, Your final account balance will be $2,010 in total. The more you deposit, the more bonus you get! Please kindly refer to the following chart for our bonus plan.

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