Service Introduction

FondMart offer multiple service, such as advertising, storage&packing, software development,photography and mail &after-sales telephone service. You can know more details from below.

[Advertising and Advertising Service]

FondMart offer online advertising opportunities to advertise your shop!

[Advertising Fee]

Promotion Now!

Monthly ContractUSD 1,500 (includes category translation, use of calling center)
Yearly ContractUSD 15,000(includes category translation,use of calling center)
Registration FeeThis won’t apply with providing us data of photos

[Banner Advertising]

Top Page(A&B)/Category Page(C)

Banner Ads A/B/C

Top banner A234*60 pxUSD 50,000
Banner B300*250 pxUSD 70,000
Banner C300*250 pxUSD 30,000
Slider Introduction593*342 pxUSD 30,000

Your shop’s image will be displayed on the slide show. It’s one of the best ways to catch your potential customer’s eyes.

[Storage and Packing Service]

FondMart offer storage and packing service.

Our strategically located fulfillment centers span over 4 continents and in more than 16 countries. Use our global network of fulfillment hubs and access a robust warehousing infrastructure for your high season storage and order fulfillment needs.

Quickly expand to international markets. Reach out to limitless and potential cross-border customers effortlessly, fast, and affordably. Let us take the guesswork and help you scale your business internationally in a snap. 

We consider your customers’ locations, shipping costs, and delivery time to choose the nearest and the best warehousing solution for you!

Below is our basic price for our service. More specific solutions need to be based on the needs of customers.

ItemTimePrice (USD)
 Storage<30 daysfree
30~60 days0.5CBM/Day
60~80 days0.8CBM/Day
>180 daysNeed to further confirmation
packing USD 0.1/pcs

With our cutting edge technology, we offer you an innovative stock control system. It gives you real-time visibility and easy access to your ecommerce order processing.

It helps you track your product locations and shipping status. And more importantly, it gives your full control over your inventory management.

[Software Development]

Software Development Services has long been the popular choice of many firms as they not only save time for a specific project or task but also allow companies to access more professionals as well as experts at a reasonable cost than in-house development. And in the world where mostly everyone has to work remotely from home, Software Development Services has never been more appealing.

For software development, you need to contact and offer us your specific needs, then we can offer you a concrete quotation. Click contact us or leave your email and we will contact you in the first time.

You need to know software development is a long process.

Software Development is an intriguing yet very complex thing which would normally go through a lot of processes. Each step should not be taken lightly since the success of a project depends on them. 

(1) Analysis and Planning

At the first stage, stakeholders, end users and the project team often gather and discuss in order to determine what exactly the requirements are. Then, the project team has to lay out how future software is designed and which programming languages are going to be used. Below are a few key point of this first and also important step:

  • Alignment: How does this project connect to your company’s larger mission and goals?
  • Resource availability and allocation: Do you have the people and tools you need to take this on?
  • Project scheduling: How does this project fit within your company’s goals and other tasks?
  • Cost estimation: How much is it going to cost?
(2) Requirements

The next step is to understand the technical requirements of this project. Every aspect of the  software whether it’s an app, website redesign, or simply new feature, needs to solve customer’s problems. 

As you move on from the planning phase and continue to fill out the statement of work, ask questions around this project, such as:

  • What problem does this solve?
  • Who’s going to use it and why?
  • What sort of data input/output is needed?
  • Will you need to integrate with other tools or APIs?
  • How will you handle security/privacy?

Once your development team gets the answers to these questions or once you have finished discussing with the outsourcing team, They can start to identify technical requirements, testing terms, and decide on a technology stack. This is also when you might start sprint planning (if you’re using an Agile software development process) or break down large tasks into more actionable steps.

With the requirements in place, it’s time to start designing what this software will look like and how it will function. Functionality and flow should be at most important from the start.

(3) Designing and Prototyping

Depending on the software development process you’re following, this step might mean you create simple wireframes to show how interactions will work in the software, or make more full-fledged prototypes in order to test with users. Alternatively, you might decide you need more user feedback and do a design sprint to quickly get a feature or idea in front of your users.

(4)Software Development & Implementation

This stage is also known as “Programming” or “Coding”, at which computer programmers write program code in the suitable programming language. Then programmers conduct trials in order to detect errors and fix them until they’re error-free. This is the part when you would want to keep in touch with the development team as much as possible to ensure the pace of your project.

(5) Testing

After the software is completely coded, it should be sent to the testing team before deployment, who gives feedback after using it. Although programmers should make sure there are not any errors existing, issues might not be obvious to them. Therefore, the testing team will use various test cases to have the software debug to ensure optimal functioning.

(6) Deployment

With everything out of the way, it’s finally time to launch your software to all of your users. What we’re talking about here is pushing your code into production. A smart deployment plan plus an error free product will more than likely ensure the success of a project.

[Photography Service]

Photos are very important to you who have a store online. Attractive photos will help to bring cutomers. But for small wholesalers or retailers, to find a model and photograther is difficult and high cost as they ask a minimum quantity to take. Don’t worry. We can help to solve this problem.

You just need to send your products to us, and can take some examples about what you want it will be. Then we’ll arrange everything that’s going on. We charge $150/set.

If you have many products need to take photos, then you can rent our service exclusively. It will charge $200/h for model, $50/set for photographer service, and $3/pcs for image processing.

Model ServiceUSD200/h
Photographer ServiceUSD50/set
Image Processing ServiceUSD3/pcs

[Mail & After-sales Telephone Service]

Good after-sale service is really important to improve customers’ shopping experience. But it also takes cost to offer after-sale service. Employing a person is not worth especially when your business is small.

FondMart offer client review service via mail or telephone to improve customers’ shopping experience and in the same time collect customers’ feedbacks.

You first need to confirm what kind of information you want to collect. Then we will set some relatively questions to ask. Mail will cost $0.5/letter, and call will cost $5/call.


AI customer service is also very popular nowadays. You can also rent a AI customer service. It will cost $1000/month.

For other demads, please feel free to contact us! Thank you very much.

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