Fondmart Service Videos

Ep.1 Fondmart warehouses looks like. Ep.2 Fondmart mechanized operation method. Ep.3 Fondmart quality checking process. Ep.4 Fondmart label customization service. Ep.5 Fondmart carefully pack your product. Ep.6 Fondmart lower your cost by reducing your shipping volume. Ep.7 Fondmart carefully pack your shipping boxes. All in Thanks for watching!

Ep.3 How to optimize your web/shop?

Last time we discussed about how to build your website/shop. Today I want to talk more in details about optimize your web/shop. Let’s find a case on Shopify. There is an online store called colourpop, this is an online cosmetic store located in Los Angeles that started in 2014. It started from YouTube and Ins... » read more

Ep.2 How to build your dropshipping shop/website?

Last time we talked about how to find your niche for dropshipping. The next step will be to build your shop or website. In this article, I will provide some tools to build your shop. Before deciding which system to use to build a store, let’s first compare the advantages and disadvantages of Magento, Opencart,... » read more

Ep.1 Find your dropshipping niche

Hello, I know that most of us experienced the worst year ever since COV started. I hope everything goes well with you. Under this serious situation, many people start to think what’s the best way to make money? How can I earn money through the internet? What’s the new model or trend of doing a... » read more

Everything you need to know about Shopify

What is shopify? How does it work? Shopify has been up and running since 2006 and is based in Canada. Their goal is simple: to provide a simpler platform for cross-border e-commerce. Currently, the Shopify account has more than 100 million users. But be aware that Shopify is not a free platform, so the fact... » read more

Where should I purchase my wholesale women’s fashion clothes?

Suppliers are really important for the success of our business, especially for wholesale. Clothing is a good category when it comes to e-commerce or online store as the monopoly in clothing industry will be relatively weak compared with other categories. People especially women, their tastes can be totally different. That’s your chance. For entrepreneurs, what’s... » read more

What’s the differences between Alibaba and Aliexpress?

Both Alibaba and Aliexpress belong to Alibaba Group and both of them have rich products you can choose which is Chinese characteristics as it has powerful supply chains. But they have different orientations. Alibaba is a B2B (business to business) platform. In the early days, Alibaba was just a platform for commodity display. There are... » read more

How to save money for wholesale business?

If you do a wholesale business, you need to buy in bulk from your suppliers, and sell your products directly to the end customers or to the retailers. The gap between your selling price and the cost is your earnings. The selling price may be more related with your marketing and your target customers. So... » read more

How professional photos are taken?

Oh, you need to know how our professional photos are taken. Professional model & professional photography & professional makeup & specific scenes. Only for providing you high quality photos.

Is drop shipping really worth to do?

I usually see some people ask questions like, ‘Does drop shipping really work?’, ‘How do I start a profitable drop shipping business?’‘Can you start a drop shipping business with less than $100?’… I think people must have some misunderstandings with drop shipping and I just want to express my own opinions. 1. There is uncertainty... » read more